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and recess. the president is doing his weeklong vacation at mothers -- at martha's vineyard. the muslim brotherhood is calling for a demo stretch and in cairo to protest the death toll yesterday. now at 421. another 3500 were injured. 43 policemen and a western journalist among those killed. it is thursday morning, august 15. ahead on the "washington journal ," your reaction to the latest development in egypt and what the u.s. response should be. you should join the conversation at (202) 585-3880, our line for republicans. (202) 585-3881 for democrats. we also have our line for independents at (202) 585-3882. join us on facebook, send us a tweet, or e-mail address, at somegin with a look of the headlines from outside the u.s., the "guardian" newspaper -- egypt's bloody crackdown. when the story first went to prince, the death toll was 200 78. overnight, the death toll has been updated to 421. there is this from the "miami killed asundreds egypt's forces storm the protest camps. a similar headline from "usa today," egypt the reps in chaos. -- a reps and chaos. from th
are away and president obama is on his vacation at martha's vineyard. morning, about the domestic front and battles in washington, to hear from "the wall street journal" -- that happening in washington too as members of congress are on this august recess. by the way, we are going to be covering over this month town hall meetings that are happening in your area. today atwe are airing 6:30 this evening pm eastern time is a town hall meeting in richmond, virginia with congressman bobby scott, democrat of that area. tune into c-span. live coverage of that town hall meeting. i'm sure these issues are likely to come up. he meets with constituents. let's hear from john and pensacola, florida. you are on the air. john and pensacola? westmoving onto joe and hartford, connecticut. an independent. caller: how are you? thank you for c-span. when i heard the topic, i wondered if holder had read a book by michelle alexander. hello? host: we are listening. the name of the book is called "the new jim crow." if you look in the c-span archives, i think you have done an interview with her. she is a profes
with the president's family was gone to martha's vineyard, they left bo the dog at home, and sent a marine helicopter to bring it back at a cost of over $300,000. i would like to know why that is not talked about more. host: more about the president there. guest: i do not know where the facts are coming from, but i find that intriguing, and if that is true, that is certainly something reuters would want to know about and write about. i have a long record in journalism looking into the -- exactly that kind of thing. i will take that note home with me. host: a couple of callers are mentioning the white house, and twitter, the same thing. we have been talking about rules congress wrote for itself for travel. you have a sense of how the white house works in this area -- how he decides where they are going? is anyone oversee those decisions because we are hearing it from callers? guest: i do not know the full answers. it would make for interesting inquiry by rick or any other journalist. carolyn "--s carolyn's story about africa goes, it is stunning. for the costunning of journalists who have to travel wi
's happening in egypt. the president return from the martha's vineyard. the question we're asking what makes americans so angry and divided from dallas, texas. caller: well, i think the economy is the biggest issue here. people don't have jobs. if they do have jobs they are working two or three of them just to support their families. it started back with regan, his deregulation then clinton and nafta and the undermining of glass speegal which is done as a suggestion of robert, ruben and larry summers whom obama was to bring back into government again, as part of the fed, and i think the economy is a very difficult subject. and neither bush nor obama has had the knowledge or the decisiveness to deal with it. under bush it got worse and worse and then when paulson ame one his bailout crisis soverl, he bailed out big banks. the economy has been attacking the average american citizen for the past 20 years, we just didn't notice it until it became really horrific and then of course the wars that have cost us a fortune. that was done -- so many of these things come from theorists within the govern
's program on martha washington, join in the conversation. ive-ek recess.f-town f returning after labor day. now that congress is on summer break, what do you want to hear from your lawmakers as they travel back to their respective congressional district or state? the numbers are on your screen. cq focusing on the issue of immigration. mindful of how immigration opponents in august 2006 seized momentum. lawmakers also focusing on the voting rights act. patrick leahy is the chair of the senate judiciary committee and brought up the issue of the voting rights act following the supreme court decision earlier this year. here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> president obama had an emotional news conference with the victims of the newtown shooting and he said this was just round one. with the election coming up, is it realistic to expect round two on that? >> it is mentioned it is something that but is notsense, something that he will get to now. unfortunate. could you pass one law that would stop all the gun violence in this country? no. but can you do better than we have? yes. you have so
. this week, martha washington to angelica van buren. starting at 9 p.m. eastern on c- span. program, join's in on the conversation with historian and author patricia rady at >> i have been pushing for this in the senate, that we would move cybersecurity legislation. it is bacon cop located. cybersecurity means different things to different people. -- it is big and complicated. cybersecurity means different things to different people. the house is actually passed some of this and i think we ought to look at what they have done. certainly if we want to take a stab at doing are only thing in the senate, that is great. but we need to really get moving on this in the senate. this is a real threat, a real problem him and all of my colleagues are on the intelligence committee and are worried about cybersecurity. internetlogy and issues on capitol hill, tonight on "the communicators on co. at eight eastern on c-span2. >> "washington journal" continues. host: last week the fbi announced a major operation targeting child prostitution efforts in 76 cities. michael harpster joins
be a news conference before he heads up to martha's vineyard? guest: there is speculation. some of the edges were taken off now that he has done "the tonight show," but there's a lot of speculation he will do a news conference tomorrow or friday. con chief white house correspondent, the author of "prisoners of the white house" and a number of other books. thank you for being with us. the story is available online about the president appearing last night with jay leno. saying, the president making his sixth appearance, the fourth as president, telling me host the government is not overreacting and locking down nearly 20 diplomatic posts and issuing that worldwide travel warning after intercepting electronic conversations, raising concerns of the terrorist attacks. usewhite house has declined the latest reports of terrorist threats to justify, the administration's broad intelligence programs in the u.s. and foreign countries, the president and his appearance last night did reiterate that such government surveillance is a critical component to counterterrorism. that this morning from "the new y
at martha's vineyard. today we will be discussing the state of u.s. relations with dive intoking a deep u.s. job numbers, and talking about recent al qaeda threats. before we do that we want to hear about the state of news media from our viewers. the pew research center's -- you research center released its biannual data and while there is still plenty of criticism about the industry, most americans continue to believe the media plays an important watchdog role. as we take you through that reports this morning, we want to hear your thoughts. he of us a call. we split our lineup -- we split our lines up by age group. you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social media sites, on twitter and facebook. you can also e-mail us at we want to take you to that report that was released on thursday by the pew research center for the people. public valuations of news organizations performance on key measures, such as accuracy, fairness, and independents remain mired near all-time lows. there is a bright spot on otherwise gloomy ratings. brought majority continues to say
minutes of tape from president obama yesterday on martha's vineyard on all of this and then we'll go to your calls. >> we appreciate the complexity of the situation. while muhammad morsi was elected president in a democratic election, his government was not inclusive. and did not respect the views of all egyptians. we know that many egyptians, millions of egyptians, perhaps even a majority of egyptians were calling for a change in course and while we do not believe that force is the way to resolve political differences, after the military's intervention several weeks ago, there remained a chance for reconciliation and an opportunity to pursue a democratic path. instead, we've seen a more dangerous path through arrests, abroad crackdown on mr. morsi's associations and supporters and now, tragically, the violence has taken the lives of hundreds of people and wounded thousands more. the united states strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security forces. we deplore violence against civilians. we support the universal rights essential to human
back from martha's they neared and return to wherever he came from. you mean coming back to washington d.c.? just come back to wherever he is being president and go away from being president. the other caller said he should perhaps resigned. that is what i think. rose brought up the division in politics, that is the subject of today's lead editorial in the wall street journal on a different potential candidate, hillary clinton. her racial politics is the headline there. the next piece notes that she makes a polarizing pitch that ignores trends in voter turnouts. that opinion piece notes that hillary clinton is playing racial politics right now -- on the issue of potential candidates in 2016, here is a front page piece today also in "the wall street journal" -- on that same story, it goes on to note the history here. it notes -- over the past half-century, vice presidents who ran invariably capture their parties nomination -- the last president to fail the nomination was out in berkeley, who suffer -- who was under harry truman. he was 74 and his age was cited as a reason for defeat. st
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10